The Physical Benefits of Swimming


Swimming is considered as the best work out, both for body and mind. It is fun to swim, specially the propulsion which gives a feeling of triumph. For a beginner, a proper lesson in swimming, without which you cannot expect proper benefits, is extremely essential. More muscles are involved in swimming and the action is repetitive; this makes it a best cardiovascular exercise and best sought after aerobics exercise. The posture of a person is corrected with regular swimming giving a fit look.

Most people have their swimming lessons at an early age, which sometimes is quite crude and may not be the right one. You have to take enough care of whether you are swimming correctly. Some swimming tips are given below for beginners:

  • First stretch your body completely before entering the swimming pool, starting from your legs, hands, chest, ┬áneck, and shoulders
  • During the initial stages, do not swim for long, a 15-20 minute workout would be more than enough.
  • Take it slowly, just 3 to 4 times a week for the initial few weeks.
  • Take care not to overwork yourself, have constant heart rate taken and maintain a constant right training heart rate.
  • As you improve you could change to freestyle swimming, this would give you a high intensity swimming.
  • Always take deep breaths in between laps, this would give more relaxation and make your swimming workout enjoyable.
  • Always follow all swimming tips given by your coach.

After beginning your swimming lessons, you could use it as a fitness exercise. Hence your swimming workouts would become both a relaxing technique and a body toner. Water gives almost 12 times resistance as that of the land which means you are working 12 times harder. Swim fins, hand mitts, paddles, and kickboards give better results during swimming workouts.

Swimming exercises are best to:

  • Build strength
  • Boost endurance
  • Rehabilitate after injury
  • Swimming exercises give all the muscles of the body a workout, thereby achieving a good toned body and gives a positive change to a sedentary lifestyle. Swimming is the best aerobic exercise, giving you a good heart rate to reduce all the deposited carbohydrates and fat, which is very difficult to reduce, like your hands. Did you that fat gets deposited in hands first, however is one of the last places to be lost from?
  • There are a number of physical benefits of swimming, some of them are:
  • Helps in well being of heart by maintaining the cholesterol levels in body, since it burns a lot of bad cholesterol.
  • Develops health of lungs, giving better blood circulation and movement for different bone joints.
  • Gives good shape to your body and improves general fitness.
  • During summer, body heat can be maintained thereby reducing many heat related diseases.

The physical benefits of swimming along with its property of easy and fabulous work out makes swimming most sought out, especially in summer.