The First Impression In Essay

Introduction is the first impression that you make on the reader so you really have to put some thought into this introduction I always tell students no matter how many times you revise always go back and reread that introduction make sure that it doesn’t have any mistakes in it because if you got mistakes in the intro it’s gonna color the whole experience so you’ll get a much worse grade on an essay if you have mistakes in the introduction and then if you have a mistake somewhere deeper in so always proofread that very very carefully but anyway a good introduction has to do five things one state the issue what the heck is it about – what is your position on the issue so if I say the my essays about  well that you want to know what do I have to say about  and how do I feel about it. Learn how to write a good introduction at Edusson.

How is described organization so how do you have this essay laid out remember at the start of this lecture I told you I was going to be talking about a 5 or 6 aspects of organization I gave you the order that I was going to talk about them as I find the scope well I’ll tell you what the scope is in a minute and then that 5 catch the readers interest so you’ve only got this one chance right if if the introduction is boring they’re not going to read anything else so you really have to make sure that you’ve got something in there to hook the reader’s attention ok so let’s cover each one of these in detail so stating the issue now it’s very important to get to the point right away don’t waste a lot of time setting up a topic just cut right to the chase so here’s a good example this could be the first sentence in an essay Microsoft PowerPoint is a more effective way to present information to students than chalkboards or overhead projections.

So if we just jump right in so the reader knows right away ok we’re talking about PowerPoint and we’re talking about using it as a teaching tool now a lot of students will start off with a sort of real general thing about a technology has evolved so far from the ancient times of the cave dweller you know you don’t need all that I just cut right to the thing you’re talking about now establishing the position the most important thing here is don’t be wishy-washy here’s an example of being wishy-washy there are good points and bad points to having computers in the classroom duh anything this worth writing about there’s gonna be multiple sides to it now you don’t have to sound like you don’t have a position or you don’t know where you stand on it you know nobody has time for that right it doesn’t you know even a reader that disagrees with you still wants to know what is your position.