Improve Your Writing Quality

Some schools in the US are test optional schools which means that it’s not requirement for you to submit your f80 or a CT scores so for those of you who maybe you’re not happy with your scores or you’re hoping to avoid having to take them and you’re happy with your GPA and your transcript result then you might want to consider applying test optional for students but do test optional at bryant university we have three short answer essay questions that you write in lieu of those exams and so when we look at your materials we’re looking at your transcript a little more heavily and then we’re looking very closely at the quality of your writing within those short answer essay questions.

So other universities might do something similar but there is a possibility to have some short answer or essay questions as well and in addition to those there for specific scholarships you might come across SI requirements so for departmental scholarships would say you’re looking to do studio art at an art institute and you’re interested in applying for a specific grant or fellowship that would help fund that would be a separate essay to write from necessarily the normal admission essay for you college and universities they might have those four different department for community organizations if you’re applying for an outside scholarship they’ll typically request some kind of a essay and then potentially a religious organization or maybe a non-profit or something along those lines so the possibilities are endless really if you’re putting yourself out there you’re applying to a number of places and you’re also applying to scholarships this essay writing workshop hopefully will be useful for you as you’re navigating how to write all those different types of essays one thing to keep in mind is that every essay is going to have a different requirement for link so for many universities for the general SI they’re going to want it to be between between 507 50 words so that’s really not a whole lot of words for Bryant University accepting the common application for our short answer or essay questions.

We have three of them and they’re a max of 250 words per essay which is quite short if you think about it I’m and so it’s very important to keep in mind what are those restraints as far as the number of words when you’re navigating this process as well alright so now we are going to hop over where do we start okay so looking at this essay process these are general tidbits before you even get started I’m so planning ahead make sure you allow yourself plenty of time it’s very very very dangerous to procrastinate these essays I think sometimes students don’t really think that essay is that important of a piece within your application material and it certainly is and so allowing yourself enough time will really give you the chance to sleep on it to wake up with fresh eyes to make sure that you’re editing it thoroughly to make sure that you’re allowing time to show it to others to get some outside feedback and then the end result is going to be stronger.