Control Emotional Eating Habit to Achieve Weight Loss


Emotional Eating are not hunger pangs but it happens when you eat in a state of Emotional Outburst. While this is very common it often interrupts those on weight loss program. Having food craving when you are depressed, happy or tensed are not natural hunger but are rather a sense of feeling given by the brain. Let us find out how emotional eating can be controlled to gain effective weight loss.

  • It is wise to check the time of the day that you are eating and in what is your mood. Often, to fight depressed mood we eat foods like chocolates, chips and so on, which obviously are high in calories. Until you are hungry, eating anything more or untimely will be counted as over eating. If you know you are an emotional eater then watch out. To help in figuring out this would be a good idea to keep a food journal, this will enable you to break the emotional eating habit.
  • One of the best ways to control emotional outburst be it anger, stress or even boredom is to start exercising. It can be running in the park, weight training, spinning, kickboxing, yoga or any other exercise you like. This way you will get a positive way to release your aggression and also burn calories instead of piling more.
  • While emotional changes are a part of one’s day to day life you must try that your emotions are not over powering your will. Many a time’s people keep encountering the same scenario that usually stresses them out. If this happens to you then you need to take action before hand to control that situation. For instance, if you are not able to handle busy mornings then plan ahead as this way it will not ruin the whole day and mood and you will be right on track.
  • It is definitely not a child’s play to stop yourself when you are under emotions-happy or sad. You may have your friends or family forcing you to eat something your dietitian has strictly said no to or your mouth may water by advertisement or recipe shown on T.V, but do firmly stop yourself for some time and eat fruits or healthier version, which may help you to feel a lot fuller without any need for consumption of unhealthy or junk food.
  • Another easy trick to control emotional eating is to get more sleep. Studies have established that individuals who sleep more eat fewer calories than those who sleep less. Everything may feel more irritating and frustrating when you don’t get enough sleep and as a result you eat more.

One thing that you must keep in mind that to you change your emotional eating behavior you should accept that you tend to be emotional eater and then work towards changing those habits. However, habits are not something that can be changed overnight, but you must keep trying.