Alternatives to the gym


If you’re one of those who hate going to the gym, working out in front of people, or are trying to save some money, here are some great ideas to make sure you keep fit and healthy without spending a dime.


  1. Online Videos

There are plenty of free videos on web and all you have to do is search. There are many that do not require a lot of gym equipment. But if you have neighbors beneath you, just make sure you work out more during the day and not in the middle of their sleep.

  1. Go to the park or hike some trails

Parks have great running trails and tracks. Also, you can even use the playground!

  1. Borrow workout DVDs from the library

Yes, they still do exist. It’s interesting how many people forget about their local library. And you can get DVDs for super cheap or even free to borrow for a few days. This way your routine doesn’t get stale or boring.

  1. Check out some free apps

There are some apps out there that are like free training videos and you can even customise the exercise to your liking.

  1. Be your friend’s guest

My gym membership allows me to bring a guest almost every time I go. Piggy back on your friend’s membership. You can build a better friendship, motivate each other, and keep each other in check.

  1. Do your friends have in-home gyms? Use it!

I’ve often shown up at my friend’s homes because they have in-home gyms and if they’re not using it and don’t mind, I get a free workout. My boyfriend has a stationary bike that I will borrow while he’s studying or while we’re binge watching Netflix together.

  1. Create a small in-home gym for yourself

This requires spending a little money unless you can get some awesome donations from friends. I just have a set of 5 lb weights, 10 lb weights, resistance band, and a yoga mat. That’s it. During the winter and I’m stuck indoors, I use them and still got thinner just by using the limited equipment. See what you need and only get those few items.